07 Jul 2017


The U.S. Army demonstration shows mileage improvement for a diesel truck using a proprietary hydrogen injection system. Commercial Hydrogen, Inc. of Houston, Texas developed the system, which is designed to improve mileage and air quality for diesel vehicles.

The original demonstration took place at Fort Hood Army Garrison in Texas in February of 2012.  The test vehicle was a 2000 FL80 Oil truck.  The hydrogen injection system was tested by a local CAT Army contract mechanic.

The tests completed were a success with impressive fuel savings. Commercial Hydrogen has developed the On-Demand Hydrogen Injection system. Performance gains are from reducing fuel consumption and boosting the life-span of the engine and its vital components. Commercial Hydrogen specializes in retrofitting commercial trucks. The retrofit or 'bolt-on' products are for 10-15L diesel engines. Also, the system is for vehicles manufactured from 1980 to the present.

This product addresses two important issues facing the trucking industry.  Due to increasing competition, profit margins are experiencing severe downward pressure.  On top of this, there is increased concern for environmental responsibility.

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