03 Jun 2017


It announced the acquisition through its subsidiary Engie Ineo of the Swedish company Icomera, specialist of onboard communications solutions for public transport. Icomera’s consolidation fully complements the strategy of transformation of Engie, the energy revolution pioneer working for a smarter and greener mobility.

Engie is able today to offering customers an ecosystem of solutions adapted to their needs to make mobility more fluid, cleaner and smarter. Public transport (buses, tramways, subways and trains) constitutes a proven and time-honored answer for regional planning and development and a strong pillar for mobility solutions. It provides accessibility for the largest number of users, discovery of optimal infrastructure use and least significant environmental impact. Engie Ineo, has already outfitted 12,000 kilometers of railroads, 1,800 light rail tramways with electrification, signal and telecom systems, as well as 35,000 buses with onboard operational assistance and passenger information systems supporting the rapid evolution of buses, tramways, subways and trains via devices that are more digital, smarter and more connected. Through this acquisition it strengthens its position in the field of transport, serving the strategy of Engie and its French and international clients. Icomera, the world’s leading Wi-Fi provider for public transport, fits into this target. The company’s headquarters are in Göteborg, Sweden, with main subsidiaries in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and in France. Wi-Fi installation promotes the development of digital services both for passengers (safety, real-time information, Internet access…) and for transport operators (including surveillance, network management, and cyber security). Recognized for its installed hardware expertise, Icomera provides among others onboard Wi-Fi connection devices and an open digital platform with high potential for services.

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