30 May 2017


JCBL, one of the bigger Indian bus body builders, recently unveiled the BharatBenz BS-IV sleeper coach. The bus fits in the 12m 16 tons intercity coach segment, and sets new benchmarks in luxury, entertainment and comfort, according to JCBL representatives

Buses manufactured by OEMs in India are technologically advanced in terms of the electrical and electronic accessories. The passenger door for instance operates automatically with electrical fittings. These are comfortable travel options that make travel a hassle-free experience and reduce discomfort to the minimum. It is no longer required to manually open or close the door. It opens automatically with the help of the electric sensors. The floors are covered with plywood for good looks and to provide a good grip while walking on the aisle. Further, the floor is covered with vinyl coating in the driver area. One of the highlights of these buses is the infotainment screen provided in every passenger seat that provides endless channels of entertainment. The 13.5” LED screen keeps people entertained all through the journey without any doubt. Movies, songs and favourite shows are all part of this mega entertainment.

The interior is spacious, the idea of ductless AC that provides more space in the interior section. There is a lot of extra space to be able to walk freely in the aisle and the interior.

The bus comes with a charging unit, where one can comfortably place the mobile phones, tabs or laptops while in use. A good amount of investment has gone into the bus design and implementation to make it look the way it looks. The coach is equipped with an emergency exit at the rear end with a ramp to be used in case of a mishap. It is comfortably located at the rear end along with a ladder attached to it. So, anytime there is an emergency situation one can easily open the emergency door and make way to the exit quite easily.





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