20 May 2017


The Daily Tourys stood out from the competition first of all for the high level of customization it allows, both in terms of specifications and on board. The passenger seats are fixed on rails to ensure maximum versatility. With this set up the Daily Tourys minibus can seat up to 19 passengers, providing an exclusive travel experience with luxurious comfort and a stylish environment. It also features best-in-class luggage compartments with capacity of up to 2.5m3.
The Iveco Daily Tourys will also be present at Busworld Europe in October.

The Daily Tourys is the first “International Minibus of the Year” ever: the award was created this year by the jury of the prestigious European International Bus & Coach of the Year Awards to reward minibuses and midibuses designed for professional passenger transport. The jury of journalists representing 18 leading specialised magazines from across Europe judged the Daily Tourys to have performed very well during the test involving also six other competitors, where they were evaluated in real road conditions with uphill and downhill sections, motorways, narrow roads and a variety of situations.

The award was announced at the opening of the FIAA 2017 International Bus and Coach Trade Fair held in Madrid, Spain. Tom Terjesen, President of the Bus & Coach of the Year jury, summed up the jury vote: "The Iveco Daily Tourys combines high quality bodywork, with a premium comfort for the passenger. The driveline with a strong Euro 6 diesel engine and the best gearbox ever made in this class, makes the trip an experience to remember. The high capacity of luggage and a great idea with a flap inside the luggage compartment give even more space if needed. The fact that this is a complete factory built minibus makes the maintenance and service more efficient where ever you are on the road in Europe”.

The Daily Tourys offers all the advantages of Iveco’s latest generation Daily Euro 6 – unveiled in April 2016 – which introduced new features to make it even more comfortable for the driver and productive for operators.

The Daily Euro 6 specification also includes the class-exclusive Hi-Matic family, featuring an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The new 2.3 and 3.0 litre engines of the Daily Euro 6 developing up to 210 hp power and 470 Nm torque at the top of the range to match the record gross weight of 7.2 tonnes. Electric and natural gas powered versions complete the range. The comprehensive and advanced safety features and compliance with R66 regulations provide peace of mind to passengers and driver alike. All the Daily Minibus models benefit from the advanced production processes and strong check systems of Iveco’s Brescia manufacturing plant in Italy, which operates an assembly line specifically dedicated to the passenger transport Daily models.



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