18 May 2017


With battery costs trending ever lower and public awareness of EVs edging higher, the fleet market seems likely to start plugging in in a big way soon. New Eagle is well positioned to take advantage of the coming wave of electrification

New Eagle was originally founded as a software company. It was purchased by Mercury Marine, a division of Brunswick, which used New Eagle’s motor controls for gas engines. Brunswick eventually rolled New Eagle’s software into its MotoTron line of electronic controls, which was later sold to Woodward, a key supplier to New Eagle.

In 2006, founder Richard Swortzel decided to start up New Eagle again, and the company has been steadily growing ever since. When the EV market began to emerge, New Eagle became a supplier to some of the early players, helping them build control systems for their vehicles.

However, New Eagle is more than just a seller of software. The company works closely with customers to help them develop control systems tailored to their specific requirements. we have.”

New Eagle also acts as something of a matchmaker, helping small and medium-size companies get hooked up with component suppliers like BorgWarner, UQM, Parker, YASA, SEVCON, Rinehart Motion Systems, Engineered Machine Products, Mitsubishi, Climate Control Systems, EDN Group, Current Ways, and many more.

New Eagle made an impression at the recent Detroit auto show with an electric Ford Transit that it developed with partner Inventev. The two companies plan to begin production of the vehicle in early 2018. New Eagle will provide the core propulsion systems and controls, and Inventev will handle upfitting and distribution.


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