24 Apr 2017


This announcement comes after the newly inked deal with vehicle manufacturer Agrale Brazil. Alkane Truck Company, the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based assembler of alternative fuel vehicles, has announced it will establish more than a dozen assembly facilities in the USA, Canada and Mexico over the next 36 months. Alkane is coordinating with economic development offices across North America to identify potential business partners interested in becoming contract assemblers.

These business partners will own 100% of their associated assembly facility, so profits generated would be entirely their own; and as owners, they'll also be the recipients of any state and local incentives offered to new business startups in their respective regions.

For an initial licensing fee and a nominal monthly charge, each new owner/operator will be entitled to use the Alkane brand name, Alkane's EPA, CARB, and DOT certificates as well as the company's supply chain to assemble and deliver its Class 7 and 8 trucks and the humvee-style Dominator. Assembly facilities will be required to pay for and maintain an inventory of parts while Alkane will provide ongoing support and replacement parts.

This is the first time Alkane Truck Company has offered its streamlined business model to independent entrepreneurs. Already notable in the industry for eliminating the extraordinary costs involved in the setup of a standard manufacturing operation, Alkane is rolling out this expansion plan to accelerate its production timeline in response to orders from its dealership network.

Till now, Alkane relied on the Chinese vehicle industry as a components and vehicle supplier, but recently signed an agreement with he Brzilian vehicle manufacturer Agrale, giving them access to their lines of vehicles and components. Includng bus chassis.

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