03 Apr 2017


Mercedes-Benz allows first sight of the new Tourismo RHD. The high-decker has undergone complete redevelopment and is sure to win plaudits not only for its comfort, but especially for its outstanding economy and safety. The new Tourismo RHD will celebrate its first public debut at the BusWorld Kortrijk trade fair in Belgium in October this year.

The tailoring to customers' requirements is the same, but everything else is new: with four models in three lengths, from just under 12 m up to 14 m, the new Tourismo covers the main sizes of coach for the "business segment", as one would expect. With this term, Mercedes-Benz defines the range - so important for bus and coach operators - from the highly-functional shuttle bus to excursion and long-distance regular-service buses, through to high-comfort touring coaches.

The new Tourismo RHD will expand this range even further; and with it, the range of deployment options through a new engine added to the range. It will range from the compact, lightweight Mercedes-Benz OM 936 in-line six-cylinder engine with 7.7 l displacement and 260 kW (354 hp) output, to the particularly powerful new top-of-the-range engine with 335 kW (456 hp) output, based on the well-known OM 470 with 10.7 l displacement. Similarly, the Tourismo adapts to a huge range of different requirements with its two different selectable cockpits and a passenger compartment that can be fitted out to suit individual needs.

The design of the new high-decker is also completely new. At first sight, with its unmistakeable front end and the exciting interplay of shape and lines, it is a typical Mercedes-Benz. The familiar link between form and function is clearly in evidence with the new Tourismo RHD.

At the forefront of bus and coach operators' minds will be the outstanding economy demonstrated by the new Tourismo RHD. Thanks to its finely-honed aerodynamics, its wind resistance figures have been reduced to an unsurpassed level of Cd = 0.33. This contributes to the significantly reduced fuel consumption figures, with correspondingly lower emissions.

And consumption can be further reduced with new options such as the PPC - Predictive Powertrain Control anticipatory cruise control, available for the first time in a Tourismo. Together with its long maintenance intervals and comprehensive service packages, the Tourismo RHD is proving itself to be the new economic miracle amongst touring coaches. With new assistance systems, the safety expert in its vehicle class

The safety level for the new Tourismo RHD also sets the benchmarks for its class. The focus is totally on maximum active safety to prevent accidents. In addition to its wide-ranging standard safety equipment, the new Tourismo RHD is also available with the optional Active Brake Assist 3 emergency brake system, one of several firsts for the new model. In addition to potential obstacles moving ahead, ABA 3 also recognises stationary obstacles and will initiate hard braking when necessary. As is typical for Mercedes-Benz models, the new Tourismo RHD thus already more than meets future statutory regulations.

But should an accident occur, the patented Front Collision Guard (FCG) safety system provides effective protection for both driver and front passenger in a frontal collision. Similarly, the further increased structural rigidity complies with the upcoming ECE-R 66.02 regulation.

As far as passengers are concerned, first and foremost is the travelling comfort of the new Tourismo RHD. Passengers are made to feel welcome on board by the convenient, ergonomic entry steps and the airy, pleasingly-designed vehicle interior. A further highlight is the new Softline seating: the attractive diamond-shaped pattern on the seat and backrest calls to mind luxury-class Mercedes saloons.

The feel-good comfort in the new Tourismo RHD is due in part to the two-zone controls, with fully automatic controls and separate circulation for both heating and climate control. They ensure a constant temperature within the vehicle.

With its optimum economy, its safety, functionality and comfort, the new Mercedes-Benz high-decker-touring coach Tourismo RHD will win over bus and coach operators, passengers and drivers alike.

The new Mercedes-Benz Tourismo can be optionally fitted ex-works in any specification with a WLAN router and aerial. The Coach MediaRouter incorporates two slots for LTE-enabled SIM cards and two USB ports. In addition to simply providing an internet connection, this ensures that users can also use their end devices to access media stored locally in the bus while on-the-road.

The FleetBoard telematics system is also available ex works with the new Tourismo and provides maximum transparency for a fleet operator about their fleet. The modular FleetBoard services were developed especially for bus-specific fleet management and are available throughout Europe. FleetBoard makes it possible to identify and exploit savings potential in bus and coach fleets.


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