02 Jan 2017


Neste is producing the first “Christmas diesel” in a holiday recycling campaign inviting Finns to collect the fat from baked Christmas hams in an effort to produce enough 100% renewable fuel to drive around the world three times. The festive charity stunt aimed to demonstrate the power of recycling and circular economy.
Grocery stores and service stations across the country had set up collection points for ham fat. The collected fat went on to be processed and finally turned into a diesel by Neste. The result was the world’s first “Christmas diesel”. By producing 100% renewable diesel from waste fat, the fuel’s carbon footprint can be reduced by up to 90% when compared with regular diesel.

Baked ham is a staple at Finnish Christmas dinners, with a whopping 7 million kilograms (15 million pounds) consumed annually by the nation of 5.5 million over each festive season. Neste calculates that the fat contained in an average-sized ham could produce enough fuel for a 3-kilometer or 1.8-mile drive in a regular car. Overall, the campaign could produce enough fuel to drive around the world three times.

The campaign’s Finnish name and hashtag is Kinkkutemppu, which translates into Ham Trick. Cooks around the country are encouraged to donate their ham fat for a good cause. After the campaign, the fuel will be sold at Neste’s service stations, with all the proceeds donated to charity. The campaign will support two organizations: one that collects and distributes Christmas presents to low-income households, and one that arranges for sports opportunities for socially excluded youths.


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