20 Dec 2016


The Guangtong Dang-Dang GTQ612BEVB was shown at the Guangzhou Auto Show, and is shaped after American examples. They are all built and marketed as a normal city bus, but with tourism in mind. A few examples are already in service near a scenic area in the city of Jinan, and some are conducting trials near Tiananmen in Beijing. The tram-like bus is manufactured by Guangtong Electric Bus, a subsidiary of Guangtong Automobile, which again is owned by the Yintong Group, a large green-energy company based in Zhuhai City.

The market for electric buses is growing fast. In 2015 there were about 10,000 fully electric city buses in China; that will grow to 20,000 in 2016, and double again in 2017. There are about 500,000 city buses in China. Growth of the number of electric buses will likely continue as the government increasingly seeks to replace the old and dirty diesel powered buses with cleaner electrical ones in a bid to reduce air pollution. Yintong wants a piece of that market and the Guangtong Dang-Dang GTQ612BEVB is one of their offerings.

Power comes from a 300Ah/576V lithium ion battery pack. The range is 150 kilometres and top speed is 69 km/h. It is exactly 12 meters long and can take a maximum of 76 passengers, with 24 standing and 46 seated. Price for all this pretty, depending on exact configuration, starts around 1.2 million yuan or $170,000.


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