14 Dec 2016


Södertälje in Sweden will be the most recent city to operate an electric-hybrid
bus equipped with Bombardier’s Primove wireless power transfer. The first of its kind in Scandinavia, it is the result of a Scania-led project group that has been exploring alternative mobility solutions in an effort to make sustainable and eco-friendly mobility a reality in this Swedish city.

Södertälje joins the list of cities to have adopted the innovative and invisible Primove charging technology. Inductively-charged buses are now operating in the German cities of Berlin, Braunschweig and Mannheim, as well as in Bruges, Belgium. Combined, the wirelessly charged vehicles have covered more than 450,000 km since the first Primove e-bus entered passenger service in Braunschweig, Germany, in March 2014, being very-well-accepted by passengers and drivers alike.

Furthermore, in the booming metropolis of Nanjing, China, trams have been running with the lightweight and long-life Primove batteries for more than two years. Since March 2015, Primove has collaborated with automobile manufacturers for the serial development of the remove inductive charging solution for use in e-cars.

With up to 200 kW of power, in just six to seven minutes the charging station can supply enough energy to serve the entire 10km-long route it is driving on. The station is owned and operated by Swedish energy supplier Vattenfall while a second charging station has been installed at the Scania technical center in Södertälje.


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