01 Dec 2016


A year on from unveiling the Irizar i8, Irizar is launching the new Irizar i6s in Spain and Italy, a high-tech coach that replaces the Irizar pb.
The presentation of this new addition to the Irizar range took place on October 17th at the company's headquarters in Ormaiztegi, on October 18th at Madrid's Museo del Traje (Costume Museum) and on October 26th at the IBE-International Bus Expo in Rimini (Italy) in the presence of several hundred customers.

The Irizar i6s, which adopts the aesthetic features of the impressive i8 and is equipped with the technology of the brand's new models, further improves on the flagship Irizar pb model.  The development of this new product is based on cutting-edge technology that highlights concepts such as the quality, robustness and reliability of a model with its own personality.

The new Irizar i6s is already available in all European markets except in the UK, Ireland and Israel, and is expected to be adapted for those markets by the end of 2017.

With the presentation of this new i6s, Irizar is now going even further in the spirit of innovation, supported by the most advanced technological solutions and attention to detail that form part of the brand's DNA. It was only a matter of time before the Irizar i6s adopted the features of the impressive i8 with the soul of the brand's new models.

Design, technology and sustainability are the expressions of the renewed spirit that pervades the brand and which seeks to inspire confidence in those who are the organic elements of a bus: the owners, drivers and passengers. The design of the front is characterised by new LED headlamps and by the detail of the exclusive trapezoidal integration of the adaptive cruise control system. The lines are more pronounced and aggressive, sculpted on rigid and soft surfaces that emphasise the familiar look of the Irizar i6.

A delicate crease along the side communicates a sense of optimisation and high quality. A feeling echoed in improved and modern details and trims.

The delicate and modern angular details on the rear are similar to those of its elder brother, the Irizar i8. The overall effect is an unmistakable Irizar i6s- stronger and more dynamic.

The interior and exterior full-LED lighting and the multiplexed architecture and CAN communication protocol that coordinates and integrates all the coach's electronics, enables diagnosis and data collection services using the OBD connector and provides the systems with a level of intelligence.

The AEB-LDW driving aid systems composed of the touch-screen control and HMI console, optional on this model, from which the entertainment and comfort systems are managed, are also worth mentioning. Improved driver and passenger air conditioning is another important feature of this model.

The new seats round off the renewed aesthetics of this Irizar i6s. Although the visual elegance of the seats cannot be ignored, concepts such as comfort and functionality have been prioritised. More ergonomic lines arising from development models and rigorous testing. Wider headrests. Impeccable stitching with elegant seams that fit perfectly with the decor of the inside of the vehicle. The end result, a seat that transmits comfort and elegance. The improved air conditioning also helps to increase passenger comfort.

The new Irizar i6s follows the Irizar philosophy by allowing a maximum level of personalisation. six lengths, three types of WC, new seats with optional movement, a range of entertainment systems, new interior coverings in countless colours and finishes. In short, a model that can be tailored to any needs. The customer can fully customise the coach.

The Irizar i6s is available in two versions; the integral version with a DAF Euro VI engine and the body version with the chassis available in each market. It has been specifically designed in two heights, 3.5m and 3.7m with aisle, and in four lengths:

three 2-axle versions measuring 10.8m, 12.2m and 12.9m long for all models and a 13.2m version for the integral coach. Available also are three 3-axle versions with a length of 13.22m, 14m and 15m long.

The after-sales service and workshop network continues to expand the number of service points, incorporating an increasing number of comprehensive service workshops.


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