14 Nov 2016


At the beginning of the year Solaris reported about winning an order for 300 intercity buses of the InterUrbino type for Cotral, an intercity transport operator in the central-Italian region of Lazio. Meanwhile the delivery of the first buses has taken place, but the Italian customer also indicated that she may choose to increase the order by 20% using an option for up to 360 additional vehicles.

If Cotral were to use the option, then the order would be record-breaking in the history of Solaris. The bus model ordered by operator Cotral is the Solaris InterUrbino 12. The first deliveries took place mid-October this year. By the end of 2016 the company will have handed over 60 InterUrbinos in total. The remaining 240 vehicles will be supplied over the next two years.

The state-of-the-art 12-metre InterUrbinos will serve regional lines for the administrative region of Lazio located right in the centre of the Apennine Peninsula. The drive unit is a 240 kW engine DAF MX 11, meeting the highly restrictive Euro 6 emissions standards. The buses will be equipped with a modern CCTV system consisting of 5 cameras that ensures the surveillance of the interior, the second door, as well as the area behind the vehicle. What is more, the InterUrbino will contain a passenger counting system and a voice announcement system. A total of 53 + 16 (standing) passengers will be able to travel on comfortable seats with integrated headrests. An efficient air conditioning will ensure relaxing travel conditions even at the hottest of days. Larger luggage will be carried in cargo hatches of 5.2 cubic metres located right under the vehicle floor, whereas hand baggage will be stowed away by passengers on shelves above the seats.

The contract with Cotral is the first order concerning intercity buses of this magnitude landed in Italy. Up until now the Polish bus maker has supplied 60 InterUrbino intercity buses for the Italian market. All in all, there are currently over 600 buses of Solaris cruising across Italian roads.

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