26 Sep 2016


Volvo Buses is now taking yet another important step toward increased safety for unprotected road-users in the urban environment. The Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection System, to be introduced on Volvo’s city buses for Europe in 2017, will reduce the risk of accidents for pedestrians and cyclists where buses operate.

The Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection System continuously monitors the bus’s vicinity using a camera. When the system detects unprotected road-users near the bus, it transmits a sound to warn other road-users that the bus is approaching. At the same time, the driver is alerted via sound and light signals inside the vehicle. If there is an imminent risk of an incident, the bus’s horn is activated.

Volvo Buses’ introduction of this type of warning system is part of the company’s electromobility drive. As the proportion of electrified vehicles in urban traffic continues to grow, exhaust fumes and noise continue to disappear. At the same time, however, it is important to also eliminate any risks that might arise as the vehicles in the urban environment operate much more quietly.


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