22 Sep 2016


Truck and bus component supplier Wabco unveiled its innovative OnHand electro-pneumatic parking brake control for these vehicles, featuring unique valve engineering and advanced mechatronics. It marks the commercial vehicle industry’s first stand-alone parking brake control and supplies yet another technological building block toward autonomous driving.

Creatively engineered to be the industry’s leanest and only solution of its kind that can operate independently of the vehicle’s air processing unit, OnHand braking technology provides automatic engage and release functionality. Actuated via a dashboard switch, the control system also checks and validates the safe parking of the truck and trailer combination, including on sloping roads. In addition, OnHand can provide back-up braking in case of electrical service-brake failure in redundant systems for autonomous driving applications.

Using only three internal valves and requiring less pneumatic piping than conventional parking brake controls, OnHand’s compactly designed innovation increases installation flexibility for vehicle makers, improves reliability of braking performance and further eases on-the-road serviceability. It also enables multiple braking-related options such as Anti-Lock Braking Support during secondary braking and Advanced Hill Start Aid for inclined roads.

Furthermore, OnHand seamlessly integrates with WABCO’s mBSP modular braking system platform, a technology breakthrough featuring the commercial vehicle industry’s highest degree of standardization. Another industry first-to-market in 2014, and now in series production, mBSP offers vehicle makers flexibility to equip truck and bus platforms with either anti-lock braking (ABS) or electronic braking (EBS) systems around the world, avoiding the design and production overheads of different configurations.


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