09 Sep 2016


The Polish bus manufacturer will now offer BAE Systems' hybrid electric drive propulsion system on its vehicles. Solaris has till now delivered more than 14,000 vehicles across 30 countries and now expands its offer with BAE Systems' hybrid electric drive propulsion system.

BAE Systems is expanding its global reach in the market for electric drive propulsion systems through this agreement with Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. BAE’s global fleet of series electric drive propulsion systems exceeds 6,000 today, and is operating in cities such as London, Paris, Boston, Seattle, and Hong Kong. Metropolitan cities such as these use hybrid electric and electric drive technologies to decrease harmful emissions and noise pollution. BAE Systems’ series electric drive system attracts transit operators because of its ability to prevent engine-idling at bus stops using its proprietary stop/start technology. BAE Systems’ Accessory Power System provides all the electric power a bus will need during the stop to keep its accessories running, such as the power steering, air compression, air conditioning, and even heat in colder temperatures.

A bus spends nearly 40 percent of its operation time picking up passengers, and with BAE Systems’ stop/start feature, the bus engine can be turned off during stops, saving both fuel and emissions. Each year, city buses powered by the company’s electric drive systems carry more than 1 billion passengers, saving 13 million gallons of fuel and preventing the release of more than 150,000 tons of CO2.

This agreement with Solaris further strengthens BAE Systems’ presence in the city of Poznan, Poland. For example, BAE Systems’ Applied Intelligence sector has already invested in the city, focused on its set of risk, fraud, and compliance solutions. Since 2013, the company has more than doubled the number of employees in the region and currently employs more than 80 people at its Poznan delivery center. These employees include a combination of engineering staff who build products and a services team that implements and supports those products for clients.

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