31 Aug 2016


The City of Copenhagen has chosen Finnish Linkker Oy to deliver an emission free electric bus system in central Copenhagen. Linkker was able to offer the best solution combining performance and service quality with more than 260km daily mileage, very short turnaround times and long continuous operation. Contract value is 1.3 million Euros and delivery was scheduled for August 2016. A strong feature of the Linkker eBuses is its lightweight aluminum structure, energy efficiency and quick turnaround time.

The LLinker buses are powered by an electric drive system from Finnish company Visedo, claiming to offer the most efficient electric power train systems on the market and therefore an ideal supplier and partner for Linkker. The electric motors and inverters in the Linkker EV-buses are designed and manufactured by Visedo and optimized performance will guarantee energy efficiency and cost savings through the whole lifespan for the end user. The Visedo traction system is light weight and extremely compact compared to other systems on the markets.

At the same time the Finnish city of Turk’s public transportation organization Föli decided to take new full electric buses into operation next autumn. The six electric buses will be supplied by also by Linkker Oy. The city of Turku has set the strategic goal to be carbon-free city by the end of year 2040 which involves ambitious climate – and political actions. The list of benefits of full-electric buses is convincing, zero-emission buses with lower noise level has become increasingly important due to governmental regulations and goals. In a long term these buses are less expensive compared to diesel buses since larger purchase price is compensated with lower usage costs during the seven year contract time. Nevertheless, full-electric buses increase living comfort in cities and travelling among passengers is considered more pleasant. The city of Turku believes strongly that a number of electric buses will gradually increase in the city in future.

Visedo is a Finnish company specialized in the design and manufacturing of power electronics and drive train systems for off-highway machinery, marine vessels and transportation vehicles. Visedo develops and manufactures electric drive train components in the 30 kW–2,000 kW power range. The drive trains are suitable for hybrid electric and full electric solutions alike.

Linkker is a technology developer and integrator, combining Finnish technology and expertise into new electric vehicle products and public transportation systems.

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