29 Jul 2016


The EU says the measures set clear and fair guiding principles to Member States to prepare for the future and keep Europe competitive.
In 2014, EU leaders agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 per cent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels across all sectors of the economy. The latest proposals present binding greenhouse gas emission targets for Member States from 2021-2030 for the transport, buildings, agriculture, waste and land use and forestry sectors.

Under the Effort Sharing Regulation, the plans for the 28 EU member states put the onus on Sweden, Luxembourg, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Britain, France and Austria as the bloc seeks to meet its commitment to cut emissions by 40 per cent over 1990 levels.

Under the targets, which are based on economic growth, Sweden and Luxembourg must cut emissions by 40 per cent over 2005 levels, while Finland and Denmark must cut emissions by 39 per cent and Germany by 38 per cent. Britain and France are asked to cut emissions by 37 per cent while Netherlands and Austria should cut by 36 per cent.

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