13 Jul 2016

India, the second biggest bus and coach market in the world, where buses are the most preferred mode of transport

Buses are the most preferred mode of public transport in India, both in rural and urban areas, according to a NSSO (National Sample Survey Organisation) report called 'Key Indicators of Household Expenditure on Services and Durable Goods'. The survey was conducted in 7,969 villages and 6,048 urban blocks in India. It covered 47,535 households in rural areas and 36,065 households in urban areas to understand their expenditure in 14 broad services, one being public transport.

Trams have been clubbed with buses in a single category, which makes "Bus/tram" the most reported means of transport both in rural and urban area. About 66% households in rural areas and 62% households in urban areas reported expenditure on this particular mode," the report said.

Buses are followed by auto rickshaws, they are used by about 38% rural households and about 47% urban households.

Taxi, railways and rickshaw are the other major modes of transport in India. The expenditure share of railways contributes much a higher proportion in urban areas (12.54%) than that of rural areas (4.41%). Also the expenditure on air transport is much higher in urban areas than (2.53%) than in rural areas, where it is negligible

These results are not surprising, since India is known to be the second biggest bus and coach market in the world. This makes India an extremely potential market for all participants in the industry, both manufacturers and suppliers. Especially since the country is working very hard to improve its bus and coach fleet in the fields of quality, safety and ecology. Exactly the reason why the Busworld organisation started organising its first Busworld exhibition in India in 2005. In 2016, the 7th Busworld India edition is moving from Mumbai to Bangalore, a very interesting automotive region in India. An additional third hall was recently added to the floor plan to be able meet the growing demand. Companies who are interested in participating can contact sales.busworldindia@interads.in or mieke.glorieux@busworld.org.




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