28 Jun 2016


Dutch company HyMove B.V. recently presented a new hydrogen bus to Dutch public transport company Syntus. The new hydrogen bus is equipped with a Nedstack fuel cell system of HyMove B.V. The bus is used by Syntus in the Arnhem-Apeldoorn region, and was built by the Polish bus manufacturer Solbus and uses a fuel cell system of HyMove B.V., which provides the electric energy. The bus for Syntus is the first in a series that will be marketed on a commercial basis by Solbus and HyMove.

In the coming years Syntus and HyMove want to expand steadily the number of hydrogen buses in the timetable. The new hydrogen bus is a standard model, the SM12 FC, of the Polish bus manufacturer Solbus, equipped with a fuel cell system of HyMove B.V. The system converts hydrogen into electricity, on which the bus rides. The emission of a fuel cell system consists only of water, so that the bus does not expel any contaminants. Moreover, the bus is almost silent. In addition to the fuel cell system in the rear of the bus there are tanks for the hydrogen on the roof of the bus, and battery packs, that are needed in order to recover the braking energy. The bus is also equipped with electric wheel hub motors developed by the Apeldoorn company e-Traction. The wheels are also the only moving parts in the drive of the bus making it very energy efficient and low maintenance. The drive has an output of 226 kW (307 hp), so the bus is also performing well in terms of driving style.

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