13 Jun 2016


Luxembourg, one of the first cities in Europe to implement buses with hybrid technology, has set a further step and decided to invest in electric buses. In 2011, the first Volvo hybrids were delivered, today 14 Volvo 7900 Hybrids operate in the city. Luxembourg City and AVL now takes the next step in electrification of the public transport system with the purchase of five Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrids and ABB bus chargers to be delivered towards the end of 2016. One of the bus chargers will be placed at the central station in Luxembourg.

AVL buys the bus system as a turn-key solution. Volvo will be responsible for vehicle servicing including battery maintenance for a fixed monthly cost.

Luxembourg is investing to become leading in sustainable mobility. The sector has been identified as one of the most promising sectors in Luxembourg’s strategy for the diversification and greening of the economy. Around 160,000 people commute to and from Luxembourg City every day. The government wants to reduce the environmental impact and the volume of traffic. The goal is to cut overall carbon dioxide emissions by at least 20 percent by 2020.

The Volvo 7900 Electric Hybrid can be powered by electricity for up to 70 % of operating time.The results are a quiet and exhaust-free bus when running on electricity, a 60 % lower energy consumption than a corresponding diesel bus, and75–90 % lower emissions of carbon dioxide compared with a conventional diesel bus. The batteries are recharged at the end terminals in a few minutes.


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