21 Mar 2016


The government of Korea will replace some 26,000 compressed natural gas buses nationwide with hydrogen-electric vehicles in cooperation with Hyundai to promote the technology. Finance Minister Yoo Il-ho announced the plan at a seminar on green cars.

He said the government will allow existing filling and gas stations to set up hydrogen fuel pumps and encourage companies to develop major parts for hydrogen vehicles such as measurement sensors and hydrogen storage tanks.

The plans follow auto industry requests for deregulations of the hydrogen energy industry.

Some 26,000 CNG buses were registered as of the end of January. The government and Hyundai want to replace each of the coming years 2,000 of them with hydrogen-electric vehicles and set up hydrogen fuel pumps at some 200 CNG filling stations nationwide.

Hyundai Motor is planning to make hydrogen cell buses that can be used during the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics by this year and asked the government to help boost this new market by replacing some of the public transportation vehicles that are currently operating to hydrogen fuel ones, he added.

The Korean government plans also to expand the government’s financial support of the industry in order to raise the percentage of locally produced parts going into hydrogen cars to exceed 80 percent by 2020, from the current 40 to 60 percent.

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