08 Mar 2016


On the 2nd of March 2016, Fogmaker International AB celebrated the manufacturing of its 100.000 th piston accumulator in their Växjö facility. How does Fogmaker's fire suppression work?

The piston accumulator with extinguishing fluid, pressurized to 100-105 bar (1) is connected to a distribution system with a distribution hose and pipe as well as patented nozzles (2).

The detector bottle (3) pressurized to between 24 and 31 bar (depending on model) is connected to a detection system made of polymer tube (4).

The piston accumulator and detector bottle is inter-linked via a patented valve (5) that keeps the piston accumulator closed when the pressure in the detector bottle is normal.

If there is a fire, the detection tube bursts (6), the pressure falls in the detection system and the valve in the piston accumulator opens. The pressure switch warns the driver via the alarm panel (7), sound- (9) and light signals (10). The extinguishing fluid is pressed through the distribution system’s nozzles and a water mist is spread in the protected compartment (8).

1 liter of extinguishing fluid absorbs 540 000 kilocalories and produces 1700 litres of water mist at the same time. Fogmaker’s water mist contains such small drops that no less than 8000 of them fill out a normal sized water drop. For more information, you can visit them at Busworld Turkey 2016 in Istanbul.

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