03 Mar 2016


Continental’s tire-pressure-monitoring system ContiPressureCheck has been approved for operational use by the Polish bus manufacturer Solaris. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of city, regional and trolley buses and will provide ContiPressureCheck as original equipment on the vehicles it produces.

The entire range of Solaris buses are now designed to integrate ContiPressureCheck as standard. The required cable joints and connections are integrated at the factory in all vehicles, whilst the pressure and temperature values measured in the tires can be displayed directly in the vehicles dashboard. If the ContiPressureCheck system is ordered as an optional extra the tire sensors and Central Control Unit (CCU) are also included on delivery. However these components can also be easily retrofitted at a later date.

From the beginning of this month, Solaris has started to deliver the first 60 city buses equipped with ContiPressureCheck to a customer based in Krakow.

The ContiPressureCheck system uses sensors inside the tire to measure both the tire pressure as well as the temperature inside the tire in real time. The data is continually sent to the cab and presented to the driver via a display. If the tire pressure deviates from the correct specified value, ContiPressureCheck warns the driver immediately. Measures can then be taken to rectify the situation and return the air pressure in the tire to its normal level.

In this way the system helps to reduce fuel consumption and tire wear as well as increasing mileage. The efficiency of buses can thus be upgraded, reducing operating costs and downsizing the environmental impact, thanks to lower CO2 emissions and a longer useable lifespan of the tires. In addition, ContiPressureCheck makes a valuable contribution to passenger safety.

ContiPressureCheck is quick and simple to install and can also be added during later tire changeovers. It is compatible with different telematic systems, allowing the data on the tire pressure and temperature to show up in an integrated display as well as the telematic network. This way the collected data can also be downloaded to an external device, simplifying the tire management of the fleet. 


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