28 Dec 2015


Bus manufacturer Van Hool of Koningshooikt in Belgium has received an order from TfL, the London public transport organisation, for the delivery of two fuelcell buses of the most recent generation. This agreement fits into 3Emotion, a European consortium voor hydrogen-driven buses, led by Van Hool as project coördinator.

In hydrogen buses this gas reacts with oxygen to produce electricity, which powers the electric driveline of these buses, which are considered to be the most environmental friendly at this moment. They are completely emission-free, exhausting just some watervapour. Besides, they operate with a low noise level.

The two hydrogen buses for London are of the hybrid type, using both fuelcells and batteries. Basic model is the Van Hool A330 12 meter two-axled bus, which is equiped with the most recent FCvelocity-HD7 Fuel Cell module, supplied by Ballard power Systems from Vancouver, Canada. The buses will be used in the city centre of London, more specifically on busline RV1, between Covent Garden and Tower Gateway.

Thanks to the hybrid drive using both the energy generated by the fuelcells and the recuperated energy from the brakes, the bus doesn’t need more than 30 kilograms of hydrogen to cover its daily distance of some 300 kilometers on this TfL busline.  

Van Hool is an experienced manufacturer of fuelcell buses, having delivered till now 49 of these buses for a number of European projects.  


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