12 Dec 2015


Akasol, a Germany-based provider of high-performance Li-ion battery systems, is supplying the Li-ion battery systems for eight all-electric articulated 18-meter buses, manufactured by VDL Bus & Coach, to be operated by the Cologne public transport company Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe.

The VDL buses use Akasol’s modular Akasystem lithium-ion battery system in a 4 x 15M configuration in every bus. Each Akasystem 15M is rated at 460 kW, 35 kWh, and 666 V and weighs 314 kg. The high-performance liquid-cooled battery system offers a charging capacity of more than 300 kilowatts and has an overall useable energy content of more than 100 kWh.

The Akasystem batteries are recharged at the terminals with 250 kW using a fast-charging system via a pantograph (made by Schunk) attached to the roof of the bus, which is extended when the vehicle is at the charging station. The charging process takes around five to ten minutes. The batteries are then fully charged at the KVB Betriebshof Nord depot overnight. The power for the Akasystem batteries in these electric buses will be drawn entirely from regenerative energy sources.

The high energy density of the Akasol batteries enable longer ranges with lower weight. The fast-charging Akasystem batteries are smaller than batteries that can only be charged overnight, for example, by a factor of three to five, according to the company. This in turn reduces the demand for materials and energy in the battery production process by the same factor. Manufacturers and operators of buses and commercial vehicles benefit from the low deadweight of these batteries, which makes it possible to transport greater payloads.

The use of electric buses on the 133 bus route will reduce CO2 emissions by some 520 tonnes per year. The federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia will bear part of the €6 million cost for purchasing the electric buses with a contribution of €1.92 million.

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia is supporting the KVB investment in e-buses in order to speed up the development of e-mobility.

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