24 Oct 2015


Chinese electric bus builder BYD has said that it “can’t afford not to” begin a staged transfer of production for European markets to a location on the continent. “It makes financial and logistical sense,” says European MD Isbrand Ho, speaking at the launch of the first K9 double-decker for Transport for London (TfL), where he outlined plans which will see an assembly plant opened in Europe within 18 months.

The Chinese manufacturer has identified a number of suitable locations in Europe for an assembly plant. It will shortly select its two favoured options. “That choice will be based on a number of factors, such as the labour supply and the host nation’s friendliness with China,” adds Mr Ho.

He also says that BYD’s position as a battery manufacturer gives it an advantage  over other bus builders with regard to making use of the surging popularity of electric buses. looking to capitalise on electric’s surging popularity.

“The battery, control units and drivetrain have to work in harmony to give the best performance. We manufacture all the components ourselves, so we know how they work together and their internal chemistry, allowing us to optimise them for performance and longevity.”

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