14 Jul 2015


The first customer trials for the recently developed UD city bus was flagged off in Bengaluru recently. The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) will operate these buses on key routes over the next two months. The start of the first customer trials is a significant milestone in the introduction of UD Buses in India. In 2014, Volvo Group who ownes the UD label, unveiled the UD Buses brand as part of its strategy to foray into the value segment in growth markets. India is now the first market where UD Buses are being introduced.

The UD SLF is a semi low-floor city bus that will create the benchmark in the value segment with features that impart the best performance with focus to excel on essentials such as fuel efficiency, reliability and optimized uptime.
Bengaluru has been home for Volvo Group in India since 1998. With the support of the state government and various authorities, this city has become a shining example for bus-based public transport system in India.
UD Buses is one of the brands in the Volvo Group and originates from Japan. The UD SLF has been specifically designed to meet the needs of city transport today with respect to passenger demands and driver comfort and performance. It has been extensively tried and tested to ensure reliability. This bus is a result of collaboration between teams from across Volvo Group.
The UD SLF offers safety features, which include some that are the first in this segment such as anti-lock brake system, disc brakes on the front wheels and drum brakes on the rear wheels, an in-built hydrodynamic retarder, door brake system, doors are equipped with sensitive edge to prevent passenger injury, on board diagnostics and alarm, an emergency hooter, large emergency exits, full air suspension system, rollover protection and roll stabilizers.
Passenger comfort is perhaps described as an experience from the Noise-Vibration-Harshness (NVH) levels in the bus. At Volvo Group, passenger comfort is a focus in developing solutions for Public Transport. The UD SLF demonstrates passenger comfort with overall noise levels and vibration levels low required for greater comfort, the vibration levels and its effect on the human body is another unspoken factor, ergonomic seating to impart greater comfort to passengers and ease of entry and exit facilitated by wide doors.
The engine in the UD SLF is a modern 8-litre 6-cylinder Euro IV diesel engine with a turbocharger and intercooler. It provides a power of 230Hp at 2200 rpm. The Engine Management System (EMS) ensures efficient combustion resulting in lower emissions. It also facilitates instant response, resulting in a better driveability and manoeuvrability. UD SLF power train is dimensioned to get the greatest possible power out of the engine. An integrated retarder with a unique torque convertor enhances braking power. The engine coupled with a 6-speed automatic transmission and integrated retarder and optimized rear axle ratio delivers high performance required in city’s start stop. The 6-speed automatic transmission with NBS (Neutral Bus Stopping) feature offers unmatched smooth progress and ride comfort.

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