24 May 2015


Wrightbus has announced its Electrocity range, which will see both the StreetDeck double-decker and StreetLite single-decker become available in electric-powered format, with inductive power transfer (IPT) or conduction charging options.
Additionally, StreetLite will be available in diesel-electric hybrid format with a full EV mode and overnight ‘range extender’ charging capability.

Product development is currently under way, with the manufacturer saying that both StreetDeck and StreetLite platforms have been “designed from the outset to have the potential to be powered by hybrid or pure electric systems.” The Ballymena-based firm adds that the Electrocity options “are supplemented by expert advice and support from the company’s dedicated alternative driveline business unit, meaning a supreme product solution can be individually tailored for the unique requirements of each customer’s specific operation.”
In the full electric products, IPT will be used to provide fast opportunity and top-up charging to stationary vehicles over a period of minutes, using in-ground primary charging coils which are level with the road surface to wirelessly transfer power to secondary charging coils mounted on the underside of the vehicle. Either two or four charging coils per vehicle will be used.
Conduction charging is an off-board charging system which has the potential to fully charge a battery pack in around 10 minutes. Charge is delivered via a pantograph system integrated into bus stops and other street furniture.

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