30 Mar 2015


Boreal Transport Norge AS of Stavanger, Norway, will start operating two fully electric buses of Ebusco in their regular public transport operations. The electric buses are developed and built by the Dutch company Ebusco BV of Helmond, a manufacturer of 100% electric buses. They are the first, produced by a Dutch manufacturer, and the first100% electric buses which will be going into regular service.

Over a year ago the negotiations between Ebusco and Boreal started about the development of a solution for sustainable public transport in Stavanger and its surroundings. The city bus, which was then designed and manufactured according to the wishes of Boreal, is one of which Ebusco dares to say that it is unique in Europe and even the world.
The bus has a length of twelve meters, an aluminium body and a battery pack of 250 kWh sufficient for at least 200 km driving after each charge, and is recharged overnight. This range of 200 km was required by Boreal. Alternatively the bus can be supplied with a battery capacity of 311 kWh sufficient for 300 km driving on a single charge. The bus can accommodate more than ninety passengers, incl. a wheelchair passenger. This quiet and comfortable zero emission bus has no harmful emissions such as CO², NOX and particulates. To optimize the comfort for the passengers there are USB connection at various points in the passenger area enabling the travellers to charge their mobile devices.
The first test drives of these two-door buses with low floor have already taken place to the full satisfaction of Boreal Transport Norge AS. Of course the Ebusco bus, and in particular the battery package, is resistant to the weather conditions which prevail in this region. Ebusco has already gained a lot of experience in Finland under similar conditions. In this country the first Ebusco electric bus was sold to Veolia more than a year ago and has since been in use on a regular scheduled service in Espoo. There is currently so much interest in the Ebusco buses that plans are being made for assembly of these vehicles in the Netherlands.

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