01 Oct 2011


After comprehensive testing the new bus train made by Hess recently commenced operations for the Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe (ZVB) on the Zug-Oberaegeri and Zug-Menzingen alpine routes. Ten more will be delivered in early 2012. The main advantages of this design, consisting of a bus as tractor unit and a trailer, are high capacity and profitability on routes with high demand variation. Capacity can quickly be doubled to meet the need, use of an expensive additional vehicle with driver being unnecessary.

We developed this new generation of bus train in close cooperation with Europe’s leading operator of the type, the Zugerland Verkehrsbetriebe. This made for a unique exchange of know-how and field experience between operator and maker. The new bus train hence has a lot of new technical details and features that appeal to passengers as well as economic benefits to operators. This latest generation is low-floored throughout and can be optimised for seating or standing capacity as needed. Optically it’s instantly recognisable as a member of our bus range. The bus train is available with 3, 4 or 5 low-floor doors. The panorama windows in the front make travelling in this bus a pleasure. This fully air-conditioned low-floor bus is 22.9 metres long with a maximum overall weight limit of 31 tonnes. The chassis features individual wheel suspension on the first, third and fourth axles making the ride really comfy. Components are easily accessible; the Co-Bolt® aluminium body is mounted on an anti-corrosion-treated bus and trailer ladder frame. The power train consists of a Cummins 8.9-litre 6-cylinder diesel engine, a VERT-certified particle filter and a ZF Ecolife automatic gearbox yielding exhaust gas values that comply with Euro 5 EEV standards. Hess built hir first passenger trailer for the Swiss Post Office in 1943 and developed this type of bus further in subsequent years; the first lowfloor passenger trailer was launched in 1987. She initiated the renaissance of this flexible system of transport in 2003 as Europe’s sole surviving bus train maker. Hess bus trains are in use in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg as well as Switzerland.  

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